Self-care is really important for our health. We should have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. There are many things that you can do to look after yourself at home when you have a minor illness so keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet and first aid kit is very useful.

Get immediate self-help advice with minor illnesses and injuries:

See the A to Z of Health

Please follow the link for useful information and Fact Sheets – Self Care Forum on self-management of some common health problems such as back pain, eczema, heartburn, fever in children, constipation, headache and migraine, cough, acne, sprains and strains, sore throat, common cold, ear infection, sinusitis, urinary incontinence, long covid.

Did you know you can self-refer to a number of local services without seeing your GP?

These include, physiotherapy, podiatry, maternity and pregnacy services, quitting smoking, getting active, losing weight, sexual health, contraceptives, and anxiety/stress/low mood. Please visit our Self Referral triage for more information.